De onderstaande omschrijving is in het Engels; zoals ik deze zelf heb ontvangen.

The goal for The awaken the Tantric God and Goddess within empowerment is to release old emotional and sexual wounds that cause pain, grief, loss, confusion and anger and that prevents you from experiencing pure joy, fulfillment, passion and ecstasy with your partner.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means expansion of consciousness and liberation of energy. By opening up to our sensual spirituality, we discover parts of ourselves that have been repressed. We learn to integrate Tantra energy for intimate pleasure and for achieving our life and worldly goals. 

In Tantra the goal for men is to worship their Goddess and to awaken the Goddess energy in their partners. For women, their goal with their man is to awaken his heart energy (and, of course, their heart energy as well), so that together your souls become one as lovers and lovemaking is so powerful that it is as if you are in a constant state of meditation while you are making love.

Benefits of this attunement:

  1. Fall in love with your intimate sexual self
  2. Free your body, mind and spirit of guilt and shame around sexuality
  3. Open yourself to new heights of sexual ecstasy.
  4. To reclaim your feminine/masculine (yin/yang) spirit.

Tantra in simple terms
Tantra has actually been in existence as far back as 5000 B.C.E. The sexual and spiritual union of Shiva with Shakti gave birth to the universe in the Hindu culture's view of creation,

We are all combinations of feminine (Shakti) and masculine energies (Shiva). Shakti most fully manifests as the divine feminine creative power and represents the female essence and fertility. Shakti is responsible for creation, it is also the divine source of all change.

Shiva or masculine principle of life, means "one who is all bliss". Without Shiva and Shakti life would not exist. Both are needed to create the universe, to bring forth and manifest life and on a more personal level what one desires.

True Tantra allows you to explore the connection between your own inner sexuality and your spiritual self. Tantra transforms your sexual and turns it into the spiritual. Sexual ecstasy is a taste of the divine. True Tantra assists you in finding bliss in all areas of your life.

In Tantric exchange you bless your partner physically, spiritually, emotionally and energetically. This exchange promotes joy, beauty, power, wonder and passion, and, of course, love.

Through tantric belief, it is the woman who is responsible in guiding the man in opening their man's heart. They are taught to use their love to break through any barriers or resistance so that they can guide their lover back into their heart.

Je kunt de Activatie eenvoudig bestellen

De Activatie kost €10,00. Je kunt betalen met iDEAL | Paypal | Bancontact. Na betaling is de Activatie meteen als download beschikbaar.  

Hoe werkt het?

  • Zorg dat je niet gestoord wordt.
  • Ga lekker zitten of liggen.
  • Ga allereerst (voor welke Activatie dan ook) met je aandacht naar je HART en spreek de intentie uit de Activatie in liefde te ontvangen. Dit versterkt de werking.
  • Zet het MP3 bestand aan.
  • Als je het eerste belletje hoort wordt de Activatie gestart.
  • Spreek de intentie uit om de Activatie tot stand te brengen.
  • De Activatie komt middels geënergetiseerde stilte tot stand.
  • Voel wat de Activatie met je doet. Misschien voel je dat er iets met je gebeurt, maar misschien ook niet. Weet, de Activatie werkt altijd.
  • Na circa 10 minuten hoor je een tweede belletje. De Activatie is beëindigd.
  • Voelt het goed voor je, blijf dan nog even rustig zitten of liggen.
  • Drink een glas water na afloop.
  • Geniet ervan!