One-way session

To enjoy | New energy

A Tanta massage is a tender massage where your entire body is massaged and touched gently and lovingly. This with the main purpose of allowing you to enjoy and to experience feelings of love, joy and happiness. The gravity of life on earth makes way for an ecstatic feeling.

The massage I give is not based on the theory of Tantra, but comes from my heart and is intuitive. It is mainly about unconditional love, warmth and tenderness. Enjoying your body, being able to surrender completely and coming out of your head are central in this massage.

The oil is wonderfully warm, the touch flowing and soft. I give you all my attention and love in the massage.

What can you expect?

Introduction and connecting ritual
If you come to see me for the very first time, getting to know each other is very important. This will create a basis of trust that is necessary to surrender more during the massage. We will therefore always start the session with a cup of tea. In the conversation we can elaborate on what is going on in your life and where you need insight or healing. After the introductory meeting we do a brief moment of rest and a connecting ritual to get all the way into the here and now and open our hearts to each other. Then the massage starts at the futon: 

Trust and surrender
I am the giver of the massage and you the receiver. The more you can surrender to the touch of my hands, the more intense the experience will be. This is actually the challenge that matters: to surrender and trust. If you dare to sink into this, you will experience the highest happiness and the deepest satisfaction. In practice (private and work) this will make it easier for you to surrender to what IS and you will flow along instead of controlling. 

Sexual energy
During the massage the sexual energy | life energy is generated and spread throughout your body. This not only gives an ecstatic feeling, but also new vitality. Afterwards you feel more vital and reborn. 

After the massage there is still time for exchanging experiences, asking questions and to drink some water.

A tantra massage is an intensive and special experience where your heart is touched and will open. With an open heart you become a more loving person, a person with more compassion.

For complete surrender

This session is based on Shibari (Japanese bondage technique), but simpler. Everything is done in a loving way, with respect and taking into account your limits. There is NO dominance or infliction of pain

The playful and meditative bondage is an ultimate experience in complete surrender and trust. Experience what it is like to receive a tantra massage while tied up and blindfolded.

Some things to know:

  • I accept you as you are. It doesn't matter what you look like or how old you are.
  • You can talk to me openly, also about difficult things. I am discreet and you will certainly feel safe with me.
  • Mutual respect and equality are of paramount importance to me.
  • You will be pampered and cherished by me. You don't have to do anything. Only to undergo and enjoy, without having to have the idea or feeling to give or give something back to me.
  • The massage has nothing to do with eroticism or sex. But with your own sexual energy. Above all it is about human warmth and loving, healing energy.
  • Some practical information if we have an appointment.

In a session there is no longer any ego, no urge to perform, no mask, no play, no must or condemnation, no norms and values ​​of others, of what is and what is not allowed. You can be yourself, exactly as you are.

Tantra massage - why?

The power of loving touch
People have an innate need for physical intimacy. Nothing is more important for your emotional, physical and intellectual development than a warm hug or loving touch.

Less stress
We often maintain tension in our body, so that the energy no longer flows properly. If this tension persists longer, then we get physical complaints. Thanks to the massage, the tension in your body gives way to a deep feeling of relaxation.

Vitality and zest for life
In addition to stress and too little contact, we may also have to deal with tiredness, lack of zest for life and have trouble with daily worries. Your life energy is activated again in the massage. This is done by generating the sexual energy, which will give you an ecstatic feeling. This experience will be felt for days.

Sexual energy is life energy. If your sexual energy flows, then your life flows.