Tantra At Home



Do you want to start working with Tantra -individually or together with your partner- and do you need encouragement?

Tantra Empowerment is a tool to open your heart and fill your being with loving energy and compassion. It will help you find your true partner (soul mate) and - if you already have a partner - it will strengthen your relationship. The Tantra Empowerment provides an energetic boost so that your sex life can be taken to a higher level.

The Tantra Empowerment is suitable for people who are curious and want to experience the feeling of Tantra themselves, but also for people who need a boost before they take their first real steps on the Tantra path.

Powerful Energy transmissions

The Tantra Empowerment consists of 6 Activations. These are powerful energy transmissions, which are available as MP3 files in the form of energized silence. They are easy to play on your computer, phone or tablet. Know: you don't hear anything, it's about the energy. Each Activation takes approximately 10 minutes. It starts with a bell and ends with a bell.

An activation is an MP3 file with silence, in which the specific activation is energetically recorded. An Activation gives your energy system a boost.

7 Activations:

Heart Activation

The Heart Activation opens your heart, through which love flows; love for yourself, for your loved ones and for everything that lives. The Activation helps you deal with yourself and others in a more loving and gentle way.

Sex Activation

This Activation brings your sexual energy to life and awakens the sex drive in you. The connection between sex and heart is restored, so you will experience your sexuality from a loving connection.

Tantric God & Goddess

Old emotional and sexual wounds are loosened and transformed. Wounds that cause pain, sadness, loss, confusion and anger and prevent you from experiencing pure joy, fulfillment, passion and ecstasy in your sexuality.

True Love Activation

This Activation will help you find your true partner (soul mate). If you have already found your real partner, the Activation will help strengthen your relationship. Also, all unnecessary things will be cleared up to be more "one" with your (future) partner.

Kundalini Activation

Activation of the Kundalini gives a great boost to your personal development, strength and energy. It provides vitality, rejuvenation and increasing sexual energy and affects every aspect of your life; in your work, your relationships and your health. You will find your 'Sparkle of Joy' again.

Rose Quartz Activation

Rose Quartz is also known as the "Love Stone" and works on the Heart Chakra. With this Activation you will be enveloped in the loving energy of Rose Quartz. A wonderful Activation to do before you start making love.

Try it yourself

Do you want to experience a powerful energy transmission, so that you can be sure that energy transfer through an MP3 file really works, try the free Heart Activation. Download here for free ↓

Sit down and turn on the MP3 file. Feel what it does to you ...

Easy to order

The Tantra Empowerment has a total value of € 95,00 but now for sale for €50,00. You can pay with iDEAL | Paypal | Creditcard | Bancontact. After payment, the Activations are immediately available for download.

How does it work?

You can do the Activations individually, or together with your partner. Always start with the Heart Activation. It doesn't matter in which order you do the other Activations. DO NOT do them all in 1 day. It is a process of weeks. You can feel yourself when you are ready for the next Activation.

  • Make sure you are not being disturbed.
  • Sit or lie down.
  • First of all (for any Activation) go with your attention to your HEART and express the intention to receive the Activation in love. This enhances the effect.
  • Turn on the MP3 file.
  • Activation starts when you hear the first call.
  • Express the intention to accomplish the Activation.
  • Feel what the Activation does to you. Know, the Activation always works.
  • You will hear a second bell after approximately 10 minutes. The Activation has ended.
  • If it feels good to you, sit or lie quietly for a while.
  • Drink a glass of water afterwards.
  • Enjoy it!