Two-way | interactive session

A voyage of discovery to loving intimacy

The Tantra Flow is an intensive, intimate and interactive tantra session. A special experience in being together, where your heart will be touched and will open. You will feel and cherish this experience for a long time.

It is a loving moment of warmth, tenderness and paying attention to each other. A holy moment from heart to heart. As if you are immersed in a bath full of tenderness and warmth. You will experience your sexuality in a very different way. Much deeper, more intense and more loving.

If you have completed the journey from lust to love and you can give and receive from an open heart, with no purpose or ego, as a man you have reached a new stage in your sexuality (and spiritual development). Now everything is possible again, but only with loving respect and in total equilibrium.

What can you expect?

The course of the session is not fixed in advance. It runs as it runs, that is flow; to flow in the moment as an organic whole. You may want to leave it to me, but you may also have wishes or desires that you want to experience. The trick is to stay out of your head and let what comes next from your feeling.

A Tantra Flow lasts 2 hours, with a spout possible. Do you want to indicate in advance how long you want the session to last? Then I take that into account.

If the heart connection and mutual trust are there, all boundaries will fade in this session. You no longer have any sense of space or time. It will be a deep intimate and spiritual experience.

Where there is ecstasy, there is Creation; where there is no ecstasy, there is no Creation.
There is ecstasy in the Infinite; there is no ecstasy in the finite. 

~ Chandogya Upanishad ~

  • I prefer to do a Tantra Flow if we already know each other. So after a Tantra massage or Sacred Touch. And only if it feels good to me.
  • If you have never been to me before and you really want to book the Tantra Flow (for example because you already have experience with tantra), then it is nice to opt for a duration of 2.5 hours. This is to have the time to get to know each other well.

Tantra Flow is a playful and loving way to experience and deepen your sexuality and to get more in touch with your feelings. It is also a nice session if you need intimacy from the heart. But maybe you have your own reason to start this session ...