For an richer and satisfying (sex) life

This intensive is a love affair for men (40+) who want to overcome their shyness and want to come more in contact with their own feelings, so that they can be in honest, loving and intimate contact with a woman from there.

I will take you on a journey to your true self, to make it more powerful and more loving. This is the basis. From here you will feel increasingly confident in contact with a woman.

A good sex life depends on who you are. If you as a person transform into a self-aware, loving and healed person, your sex life automatically changes for the better.

What can you expect?

This session is an exclusive intensive of 4 hours, where all my attention and energy go to you.

The content of the session is a combination of intimacy coaching and (sexual) bodywork. I use a holistic approach, in which all aspects (physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual) of you as a person are dealt with.

It is not a standard program, but is determined depending on your needs and what is going on in your life.

This session is very suitable for men who want to boost their sexuality. The loving sexual energy starts flowing again, making your (sex) life richer and more satisfying.


  • This exclusive intensive lasts 4 hours.
  • Including snacks & refreshments.
  • The intensive does not have a standard agenda, but is a selection of my offers that are tailored to you.

In this session you get a big move in the right direction, but you are not at the finish yet. Keep working on yourself is essential. You can always decide to book a second session after a few months to go further into the depths.


The SEXUAL man

The sexual man is in balance. In addition to his masculine energy, he has also discovered his warm and soft side and integrated it into himself and into his life. He is purposeful and confident, but also sensitive and caring. He lives in total surrender from his true core and lives life, both in his work and in his sexuality, as a free and uninhibited man.

The sexual man lives and works not only for himself, but also for the people in his environment. He has accepted his feminine side and is therefore sensitive, subservient and spiritual and with his heart involved in discovering and living his deepest truth.

The sexual man is interested in the feminine and loves to seduce the woman with all his love, care and dedication. The sexual man wants nothing more than to bring more love into his life.

I am a Sacred Intimate Coach and Practitioner and I help men (including managers, managers and CEOs) who want to change their style of working and management from head to heart, from thinking to feeling and from artificial techniques to authenticity.

For more than 20 years I have been working on raising awareness and personal growth and helping people connect with their true self, their authenticity. Therein lies their true power and wisdom. Those who are connected to their core need not play a stage, but can present themselves to the outside world in an honest and authentic way.

Because of our intensive being together, your heart will be opened (further). Because of this you will feel more compassion and love for yourself and for others.

Man is born as a seed; he can become a flower. It all depends on you, what you do with yourself; it all depends on you whether you grow or you don´t. It is your choice - and each moment the choice has to be faced; each moment you are on the crossroads.
~ Osho ~

Which way do you choose?