For man & women 40+

For a healthy experience of your sexuality

▪ Are there (sexual) blockades or traumas or do you recognize fear?
▪ Do you have trouble touching and intimacy?
▪ Do you have a low libido?
▪ Or are you ready too quickly (premature ejaculation)?
▪ Do you have dilemmas due to a charged and negative sexual education?
▪ Are there problems in your relationship?
▪ Is it difficult to enter into (new) sexual contact?
▪ Do you experience physical tension and stress?
▪ Have you become far from feeling?
▪ Or otherwise ... 

I can help you with a Sexual Healing. In the session we go to the cause of your problem, and then heal it.

You can choose a session of 1.5 hours or 3 hours.

What can you expect?

We start the session with a conversation. You can discuss everything with me in a safe setting. There is nothing that I find strange or crazy.

Healing / Touch therapy
Then you lay down on the massagetable (with your clothes on) and I tune into you energetically. I'm a healer and during the treatment I touch you with love and I see, know, feel, hear and the healing energy starts to flow. Know that exactly happens what should happen to you at this moment. 

Tantra massage
With a session of 3 hours we take a short break in which we discuss the healing and you can land here. Then we go to the massage mat for a tantra massage to integrate what has just been healed into your system.

Afterwards you will notice that you have lost some sort of burden.

1,5 hour

▪ Conversation
▪ Healing / Touch therapy on the treatment table

~ also for women ~

      3 hours

        ▪ Conversation
        ▪ Healing on the treatment table

        ▪ Tantra massage on the massage mat 

        Sexual Healing is a session in which the cause of your problem is completely healed. It is a healing on a soul level and is therefore more effective than a talking session that only provides insight.