Two-way | interactive session


A journey from lust to love 

A Sacred Touch is an interactive session where you not only receive, but also learn to touch and massage from your heart.

The Sacred Touch is a respectful gathering from heart to heart and from soul to soul. The session is not focused on excitement and lust, but on love, touch, making contact and feeling each other very consciously.

Turn the low lust into refined love and it becomes more valuable than a mountain of gold.

~ Ikkyu ~

What can you expect?

If you have not been to me before, the session will always start with an (introductory) conversation and a cup of tea. It may be clear that it is nice that we first get to know each other and feel comfortable together before we enter the session. After the conversation and an explanation of what you can expect, we do a brief moment of rest and a connecting ritual to open our hearts to each other. If we both feel that there is a heart connection, we will start with the Sacred Touch.

You will first receive a tantra massage from me. Then we turn it around and you can give me a massage. I guide you step by step. Every action is calm and conscious and with focused attention. It is a kind of mindfulness session to get all the way into the here and now. You will find that you have the right 'touch' quickly because your heart is open. This is an automatic process.

A session lasts 2 hours, but if you have not been to me before, it is nice to let the session last 2.5 hours. But that is  your own choice of course . 

The Sacred Touch is also a suitable session if you have little experience in intimacy or if you want to gain more confidence in (loving) contact with a woman.

Some more things:

  • I accept you as you are. It doesn't matter what you look like or how old you are.
  • Mutual respect and equality are of paramount importance to me.
  • There is no sexual contact.
  • I am open-minded. Nothing is weird or crazy, but I will immediately let you know in a loving way when you cross my border.
  • If you want not only mutual touch, but also (intimacy) coaching, then choose the Self-conscious Man session .

Do you want and are able to give from your heart and not from your lust, or do you want to learn this? Then this session is suitable for you.