Hi Luna, The session made an overwhelming, indelible impression on me. As if a lock with feelings has been opened. It is hard to comprehend what I feel now, I cannot explain it and I will not try that either. The flow that came with you ..... I don't know what has come loose, and I'm not going to think about this either. I notice it at home, with my girlfriend, I notice it at a meeting with a few neighbors, I even notice it in the supermarket. As if I also have a more open heart in a less intimate atmosphere than before. It may not be explained, at least not with my mind, but it is very nice! Thanks for that, my feeling has completely brought me to you! 

Dear Luna, It has been some time since I visited you. I resumed my busy life, but always thought about our tender encounter. It was a very nice experience to have someone in my arms and to feel affection. I have the feeling that I can be there again. I still have to take steps but I see perspective. And all because of you. Touching each other was a very pleasant experience. That you both enjoy and especially each other. It was a special experience for me that I will not soon forget. Coming in as strangers to each other and going out in connectedness touched me emotionally and left me with a deep admiration for your professionalism. Please come back again. Love W. 

Dear Luna, Thank you for the nice and special session last Friday. I enjoyed it and it caused me a lot of positive things. I am still in the bubble and I still regularly think and relive your loving touch and the warmth you have given me. What I feel since Friday is indescribable. If I try to do so, the following words will come to mind: energy, loving, love, bliss and especially softness.

I would really like to come to you again for a session to receive and give. But only if that feels good to you too. If that is not the case, no problem of course. I am immensely grateful to you anyway.

Hi Luna, I want to thank you very much for our session this morning. It did a lot with me, the emotions and energies raged through my body. Like this morning, I am still a little speechless. I cannot describe exactly how everything happened and what exactly happened, but I feel a huge change. I am very happy that I have opened myself up to you, and your loving energy and touches came to me deeply.

After the session I was completely exhausted. Now I have recovered a bit and feel the positive energy flowing through my whole body. I did not know exactly what to expect but I certainly did not expect this. This was really what I needed to make a big step in the right direction, I feel love for myself and my life again, this is because of you.

I still can't quite comprehend it, but I think that will come in the coming days. It was also nice to feel love from someone again after a long time. I had forgotten how love felt and you brought it back to me. I am now extra motivated to work even more on myself and to continue from a positive energy.

Thanks again for what you did for me Luna! Dear greetings, T

A message to thank you!
I have noticed how intense your energy is. I had to get used to the idea of ​​a tantra session: being able to surrender myself completely to my body and to your energy. It was loving and warm. Afterwards I notice that you have opened a 'hatch' somewhere or touched something deep inside me. Very nice. Give in and get into the expressiveness of the body.

I actually sensed a day later what the 'impact' of your session was. Read a lot about 'to get in your body' but I really experienced after the session what the difference with thinking (head) and body 'wisdom' is. What a beautiful path to discover further!
Love, G.

Hi beautiful, dear Luna, I think we are great together. Thank you. Very nice to meet you. It's so special to meet someone who gives you the confidence that you can show yourself the way you are. You gave me that and it moved me. You are a clear light, a pure source, you are pure. The massage felt like one smooth motion, a wave of energy that brought me into total relaxation. The tempo of the flow was so blissfully slow and languid that I felt your touch to the bottom of my fibers. The tantra flow on the mat felt like a covenant to me. Comforted and secure in your arms and admitted in the depth of your beautiful eyes, time stood still.
I have never experienced this before and when I think back to it I cannot understand it, only evoke the feeling. I also think that this has nothing to do with 'reason' or 'understanding'.
It leaves me in a desire for where we were. I wanted to let you know all this and hope you will find it ok. I realize, of course, that this is mainly about me, but above all I want to say how grateful I am for what you gave me. And I would love to talk to you so much ... Dear Luna, I hope you are well and would like to see you again.
Lots of love, 

Dear Luna, Sit still after enjoying a fantastic massage experience with you. It was really great and felt totally at ease with you from the very first moment. It is truly a special gift that you have and hope that you will and will be able to do this for a very long time. The most beautiful moment that really touched me is the end where you lay next to me. It felt so familiar, so loving and respectful. While I met you barely 2 hours before. When I think back to this experience I immediately get energy again and it still affects me. I hope to be back soon. I just wanted to let you know via this email that you really did something to me. Thanks thanks thanks. Dear greetings, T 

Dear Luna (yes' Loena 'I now know)', A late response, but I was and still am speechless. I have not even been able to formulate important questions. For me you are a Pronkjewail! There is everything in it sweet, tender, subtle, skillful to the artistic, I saw that in how you looked at my 'enchantment'. I want to come back, as I said right away, not only for me, but also to better understand myself after your example of being able to give pure love in a new relationship. Actually, I also have a little nostalgia for how it can be. Warm regards, Kees. 

... After the massage I couldn't think of the right words to describe how I felt. Even now I find that difficult, because what I have experienced IS simply not to express in words. You have truly magical hands. The peace and attention, the love that felt through your caresses ... really delicious. I was able to enjoy it for a long time and even now, after a week I regularly have to think about the nice session. 1000 X thanks. I will let you know again soon to make a new appointment. Regards, D.