My name is Luna. Born and raised in Groningen (north of Holland) and living in Leiden for several years. After my bachelor degree in Economics, I worked for many years as a consultant. Until a burnout changed my life ...

This 'setback' in my life was the starting signal for a search for my true self. I discovered that I am highly sensitive and can easily make contact with the world of energy. To further deepen my gifts I have done courses and training in the field of Reiki, Meditation, Intuitive massage, Life coaching, Tantra and Reading / Healing.

My life has not been a standard life. I have known many ups and downs. With every down I wondered why it had to happen to me. What has been the goal, what have I learned from it and to what extent have I (is my soul) grown as a result of this? I have come to live in a conscious way and regularly dare to hold a mirror to myself. I have experienced life to the fullest, without hiding, without pushing away my emotions.

Since 2013 I give (tantra) massages. In my sessions I help men connect with their true self, their authenticity. Therein lies their true power and wisdom. Those who are connected to their core need not play a stage, but can present themselves to the outside world in an honest and authentic way. This makes contact with people (both private and in the work environment) more meaningful and more loving. It needs no explanation that this way of life is much more satisfying. With all the associated benefits.

A wonderful side effect in the massages is that healing and loving energy (Reiki) flows from my hands and finds its way into the body of the recipient to heal what may be healed. This will remove blockages and possibly heal old pain and emotions.

I look forward to meeting you!

Warm regards, Luna
Sacred Intimate Coach & Practitioner

What is Tantra? If you ask this question to different tantra practitioners, you will get different answers. For one person, tantra is a form of sexual practice, for another a way to give life energy a boost, for another a means to achieve enlightenment.

For me, Tantra is a lifestyle. A path of personal development and awareness, which means working on yourself, at every level, at every level, at every moment of the day. With the ultimate goal of becoming a happy person and getting closer to your heart and soul. Loving intimacy and sexuality are an important part of this.