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Practice for Tantra, Spirituality & Sexuality

Welcome to my website!

My name is Luna. In my sessions I let you experience a loving way of touch, intimacy and sexuality. Your heart will open, bringing you closer to your feelings and your true self. You will become more balanced and you will experience more happiness and joy in your daily life.

I will gladly take you by the hand to walk the road of Tantra together.

Whatever the reason is that you want a session with me, whether it is for loving touch and intimacy, a way to get to know yourself better and to get closer to your feelings, for (sexual) healing or otherwise .... Everything is good. You are very welcome!

To enjoy | New energy

A Tanta massage is a tender massage where your entire body is massaged and touched gently and lovingly. This with the main purpose of allowing you to enjoy and to experience feelings of love, joy and happiness. The gravity of life on earth makes way for an ecstatic feeling.

The massage I give is not based on the theory of Tantra, but comes from my heart and is intuitive. It is mainly about unconditional love, warmth and tenderness. Enjoying your body, being able to surrender completely and coming out of your head are central in this massage.

For a healthy experience of your sexuality

    · Do you experience physical tension and stress?
    · Have you become far removed from your feelings?
    · Do you have a low libido?
    · Or are you ready too quickly (premature ejaculation)?
    · Are there (sexual) blockages or traumas or do you recognize fear?
    · Do you have difficulty with intimacy?
    · Do you have dilemmas due to a charged and negative sexual education?
    · Are there problems in your relationship?
    · Is it difficult to enter into (new) sexual contact?
    · Or otherwise ...

    I can help you...

    For a richer and satisfying (sex) life

    This session is a love affair for men (40+) who want to overcome their reluctance and want to come into contact with their own feelings, in order to be able to be honest, loving and intimate with a woman from there.

    I will take you on a journey to your true self, to make it more powerful and more loving. This is the basis. From here you will feel increasingly confident in contact with a woman.

    A good sex life depends on who you are. If you as a person transform into a loving and healed person, your sex life automatically changes for the better.

    "Sex is the most powerful energy available to man, but must not become a goal in itself: sex must lead man to his soul. The goal is to come from lust to light." ~ Osho ~